How has the E-Reader revolutionised our reading experience?
An increasing number of popular items and devices are constantly being modernised, from electric toothbrushes, to mirrors that light up. In addition, computers have turned into hand held tablets, music players have changed from Walk-mans to ipods and now, even our books are going digital. However, some people would argue that holding a book is all part of the experience of reading. Readers feel more engaged with the story if they are able to feel the book, turn the pages and just have something to hold.

Others believe that E-Readers are the best thing to ever happen to the book industry, because it saves you the bother of carrying a thick book around with you. Lets explore how E-Books have revolutionised our reading experience.

Book-worms no longer have to worry about which of their favorite novels they want to pack on holiday, because thanks the clever invention of the E-reader, hundreds of books can be stored on one sleek, lightweight device. Some E-Readers can even connect to WIFI, so you can go online, read book reviews, browse E-Book downloads or just relax and play partypoker. The portable hand held device is popular worldwide, especially with professors, teachers and keen readers. It allows you store a number of virtual books, which you can access easily, make notes and create bookmarks in. Some E-Readers even allow the user to highlight certain sections or look up a word on the in-built thesaurus or dictionary. This is also ideal for people who are studying or researching, because text books can be weighty to carry around. You can also save your page, which allows you to dip in and out of several books at a time. Our site offers a number of downloadable E-Books for you to put on your E-Reader. There are thousands of books available across the internet, from children's classics to Diet books and Marketing Strategy books which are available to download on our site.

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